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The new VHQ07 t-shirt and mug

Proceeds of sales of these will contribute to site fees, currently standing at around $5 per day $150 per month or $1800 per year.

Help keep your favourite station on the air and get a t-shirt to prove you rock, not that anyone would need proof.

Just click on the link, you don't need a PayPal account you can pay directly with your credit card if you wish, just click "don't have a PayPal account?". Make sure you include your postal address in the order so we know where to send the t-shirt. Thanks so much for your support!




Welcome to Brisbane's Glorious UHF repeater VHQ07.

Perfect one day, button pushing the next


Click on the headphones for the live stream page

Feel free to login and post on our forum or just roam the site.


We have added pages linking to weather and traffic sites, click on links.